Peripheral Nerve Stimulator


Drastically Reduce Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain in your back, knees, arms, or other areas, a peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS) may be the solution for you. During an outpatient procedure, we implant hair-sized wires attached to a small external device that will block some of your pain.

This device offers a safe, drug-free, and effective long-term solution to both acute and chronic pain. While a PNS may not eliminate all of your pain, it can drastically reduce it.

We will do a thorough medical evaluation to discover what is causing your discomfort and mobility issues and discuss the options appropriate for your condition.

A young woman in physical therapy wears peripheral nerve stimulators on her neck.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Q&A

We will get details about your condition, discuss your needs and expectations, and complete a medical examination. Our pain management and regenerative medicine can help with many treatments.

  • What conditions do peripheral nerve stimulators help?

    A PNS may be used for various conditions and areas of pain, including your back, knees, arms, and more.

  • How does a PNS work?

    The hair-sized wires are attached to a device that delivers electrical impulses to peripheral nerves to block pain signals to your brain.

  • Is it safe?

    The PNS devices are FDA-approved, safe, and effective.

  • What pain medications will I need?

    You may still have some pain even when using a PNS. We will address the root cause of your discomfort versus treating it with painkillers and temporary measures that just mask your symptoms. Medications may be prescribed when needed, but our goal is to restore you to complete wellness without dependence on drugs.