Regenerative Medicine

professional doctor applies PRP therapy on his patient's knee


Regenerative Medicine In New York

Regenerative Medicine can help with back, joint and many other types of problems.

Pain & Spine Specialists focuses on therapies to restore your body to optimum well-being. We have many non-invasive procedures we use to heal tissues, organs, bones, and more.

Both chronic conditions and accidents can keep you from working, playing, and sometimes even sleeping or relaxing comfortably. We will address the root causes of your pain and mobility by helping you heal rather than just managing your symptoms.

young doctor holds a spherical flask while observing a DNA model.


Regenerative Medicine Q&A

  • What procedures do you use for regeneration?

    We have a variety of treatments, including therapies with PRPs, Stem Cells, and Exosomes.

  • What is the difference between an acute condition and a chronic condition?

    Acute usually refers to a recent injury or illness. A chronic condition is due to a degenerative illness, such as arthritis or spinal disease.

  • What medications will I need?

    We address the root cause of your symptoms versus treating it with temporary measures that just mask your symptoms. Medications may be prescribed when needed, but our goal is to restore you to complete wellness without dependence on drugs.


Regenerative Medicine Treatments

We have many different treatments that can help. Please click on each treatment to know more about it.