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Pain Management

Our team is dedicated to the care and treatment of all patients in pain.

Welcome to Pain & Spine Specialists of New York (PASSNY), serving Brooklyn and New York patients. Established by Ashraf Salem, MD, PASSNY provides urgent care and conservative pain management medical services.

This may include diagnostic imaging, laboratory testing, and onsite procedure using fluoroscopic imaging or ultrasound; minimum sedation is also available. PASSNY also provides conservative pain and wellness treatment using a team approach in consultation with acupuncture, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. We also provide wellness coaching, complete with genetic testing and IV vitamin infusions.

chiropractor checks his patient's arm, making different movements to see where it hurts

Non-Surgical Procedures

We want to understand your needs and offer the most advanced non-surgical options to reduce pain and improve activity, including non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as Botox, fillers, low-volume liposuction, body sculpting, fat transfer, and bio-identical hormone replacement. We are also a center of excellence for the treatment of orthopedic problems using PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and bone marrow aspirants.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach

Dr. Ashraf Salem is one of the leaders in the field of minimally invasive non-surgical spinal, joint, and stem cell treatments. At the same time, he recognizes that the most effective, safest, and quickest way to relieve pain is through a comprehensive treatment approach addressing all factors related to your pain in a cost-effective manner.


Meet Our Team

Our expert doctors make things possible.

Ashraf Salem, MD

Ashraf Salem, MD

Interventional Pain and Regenerative Specialist

Mark Ulmann, DC

Mark Ulmann, DC


Elham Salehin

Elham Salehin

Acupuncturist | Interventional Pain and Regenerative Specialist

Amro Barakat

Amro Barakat

Physical Therapy Specialist

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Tailored Treatment Plans

We strive to promote comprehensive treatment recommendations based on the latest advances in pain medicine.

At The Spine and Pain specialists of New York center, we diagnose and treat all forms of pain. We understand that your pain is individual, and we will partner with you and your physicians to identify the cause of your pain and tailor a treatment plan that gets you pain relief as quickly as possible.
Our goal is to improve your ability to return to the activities you have been missing and help you live a pain-free life.


Patient Testimonials

Pain & Spine Specialists in New York is always striving to provide the best possible care and services for our patients. Your reviews are essential to help us continue providing exceptional care, and we want to hear from you!

pain relief in New York

"Everyone was extremely nice, caring, and attentive to my needs. Thank you!"

February, 2022

Pain management doctor in Brooklyn

"I love this place.. The doctor is super friendly and well-informed. He takes his time to build trust before performing any maneuvers"

August, 2022


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