Medication Management


Holistic Doctors in New York

Sometimes taking multiple medications can be counterproductive. At best, drugs may interfere with each other, and at worse, the wrong combinations can be deadly.

Pain & Spine Specialists offers medication management to help you balance the drugs you take for the best therapeutic outcome. We practice a holistic approach to your health and wellness.

Hand of a woman holding various pills and capsules of different sizes and colors.

Medication Management Q&A

We will do a thorough examination and discuss your needs and expectations. We can help you manage all of your drugs, even if we do not prescribe them.

  • Doesn’t a pharmacist manage my medications?

    Today’s drugstores have systems that may check for drug interactions, but they do not always consider the big picture. Additionally, patients may get medications from different sources, and each pharmacy is not aware of drugs they did not dispense or medicines you purchased over the counter without a prescription.

  • What does medication management do for me?

    We can help ensure that your conditions are correctly managed long-term with the safest and most effective medication use. We may also help with alternative solutions for pain and mobility that reduce your reliance on drugs. Medication management may involve therapy, education, and more.