Hormone Therapy


Natural Hormones

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) can help restore the quality of life that declines with aging. If you feel tired or are unable to do activities because of lack of energy, muscle loss, degenerative disease, or weight, BHRT can help.

Natural hormones are essential to our health, and they regulate our vital systems. But as we age, our bodies make less of them. Pain & Spine Specialists use bioidentical hormones that are the same as your natural hormones. You can rest assured knowing that they are safe.

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Hormone Therapy Q&A

We will do a thorough examination, including bloodwork, to determine your current hormone levels. If you are deficient, BHRT may be right for you!

  • What conditions does hormone therapy help?

    BHRT can help many conditions, including:● Energy loss.● Weight gain.● Menopause.● Reduced muscle mass.● Degenerative diseases.● Sexual dysfunction.● Weakened immune systems.● Depression.● Stress.● Skin problems.● Cognitive decline.● Insomnia.● And more!

  • Is hormone therapy safe?

    Absolutely! We use only natural hormones that are safe and effective.

  • Is hormone therapy for both men and women?

    Yes. Men and women have different optimal levels and hormones, and we adjust treatment accordingly for your needs.

  • How long until I see results?

    This depends on your current levels, the type of hormones, and other factors. However, many patients feel better after a few days, and others between one and two weeks.


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