Whiplash in New York

man in a white button-down shirt and tie, is sitting in his office holding a glass of water and with his other hand rubbing his neck.

Whiplash can happen right after an accident, or symptoms may develop months later. It is crucial to have an exam soon after an injury to reduce damage. Indications of whiplash include: ● Neck, shoulder, or back pain.● Behavioral changes.● Brain fog.● Headaches.● Fatigue.● Dizziness.● Stiffness.

Speed (if vehicles were involved), gender, age, body support during the crash, and overall health all impact the severity of whiplash and how quickly your symptoms become apparent.

Whiplash may hurt neck tissues, and neck pain is a frequent complaint, though back and other pain may also occur. If your neck’s supporting structures were damaged, you might suffer from headaches.

Untreated whiplash injuries can last for years. There is no reason to endure disability, pain, weakness, cognitive changes, or restricted movement.