Trip And Fall


Trip And Fall in New York

elderly man with a cane, fell to the floor

Trip and fall accidents are a frequent cause of pain and mobility issues. Even if it seems like you were not hurt, it is crucial that you are examined right away since you may have been injured in ways that are not immediately evident.

Soft tissue or spinal damage may not be immediately apparent, but they could lead to complications without treatment. In some cases, problems may not be evident for weeks or months after a trip and fall accident. Getting examined right away can head off problems, avoid chronic conditions, and help begin your healing right away.

Without treatment, you may suffer long-term problems. Pain & Spine Specialists will do a complete medical evaluation to check for injuries that may not be readily apparent and address the root causes of any discomfort you may have. We have many different treatments that can help.

We can help with acute pain due to a recent accident, and chronic pain from an old injury.