Sciatica in New York

man in pajamas sits on his bed with his hands on his lower back and winces in pain

Sciatica may be caused by many things, including herniated disks and bone spurs. Sometimes excess weight is a culprit. The pain can be intense and radiates from your lower back into your legs.

If you have back pain, neck pain, or sciatica, Pain & Spine Specialists can help. Without treatment for your sciatica, you may continue to suffer, and your condition may lead to long-term problems. Pain & Spine Specialists will do a complete medical evaluation and address the root causes of any discomfort or mobility issues.

We offer procedures including direct and indirect lumbar decompression and epidural injections that may provide you with the relief you need. These procedures treat degenerative disk disease, bulging and herniated disks, worn spinal joints, and injured spinal nerve roots.