Leaky Disc Syndrome


Leaky Disc Syndrome in Brooklyn

pain doctor points to a vertebra in the skeleton to explain to his patient where the pain is coming from

Annulus fibrosus tears are commonly known as leaky disc syndrome. The condition can be due to repetitive stress, injuries, or degeneration.

Leaky disc syndrome may cause mild to severe neck or back pain that can sometimes radiate into the arms and legs. You may experience spasms, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness. Some activities like sitting, coughing, bending, or lifting may make the pain worse.

Pain & Spine Specialists will do a thorough medical evaluation to confirm the root cause of your pain. We have several treatments that can help disc abnormalities.

Pain and Spine Specialists offers several treatments, including annular tear vibrant injections. Many of our procedures are an alternative to invasive surgery to relieve pain and help your body heal naturally. Most of our therapies are virtually painless and performed outpatient in our office.